How policing people’s grocery carts is only making things worst.

shopping-879498_1920Food prices inflammation is already leaving numerous shoppers and grocers struggling. Who among us hasn’t already complained about the cost of groceries? I know it’s something my family is very aware off.

I see many articles stating that poor people don’t eat healthy and we should add taxes to junk food to encourage people to purchase healthier food. We need to stop policing people’s grocery carts. The reason why most of us reach for the less healthy food is because healthy food is too expensive and they simply can’t afford it. Canned food is less expensive than fresh food, but are often more saltier and therefore not the healthiest of choices. Adding a tax on junk food is therefore not the answer. Lowering the price of healthy food and making them more accessible is.

For example, the production and marketing of milk is provincially controlled in Canada. Where Quebec is involved, most things tend to have a slightly more elevated price tag as the priority is not market competitiveness but protection of a sector. This makes it very difficult for a family struggling with poverty to keep the grocery bill low.

There has to be something we can do to fix this worsening issue.



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