Vaccines Facts

Vaccines Facts

As vaccination rate fall due to people lacks education or decision to believe gossip over facts, deadly measles outbreaks are happening killing children. I’d like to say I have no words. In actuality, I have a lot of words, just no nice ones. So here are some facts we should all know about:

How do vaccines work?

Vaccines interact with the immune system to produce an immune response similar to that produced by natural infection, but they do not cause the disease or put the immunized person at risk of the potential complications of natural infection.

Can vaccines make you sick?

vaccines can cause mild symptoms resembling those of the disease they are protecting against. The vaccine recipients are experiencing a body’s immune response to the vaccine, not the disease itself.

If you have immune system issues like me, ask your doctor if it’s safe to get vaccinated. If you get the all clear, then, by all means, it is safer to be vaccinated than not.

Can vaccine cause long-term health conditions?

nurse-527621_1920Vaccines do not cause Autism. This theory was debunked a long time ago. The notion that childhood vaccines cause autism has been looked at from all angles and found to be without foundation.

Vaccines do not cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Science has not yet determined the cause of SIDS. There is no evidence to link vaccines to the cause of SIDS.

Despite parent concerns, children have been successfully vaccinated for decades. In fact, there has never been a single credible study linking vaccines to long-term health conditions.

Vaccines are safe and effective. Like all medicines, vaccines must go through many steps before Health Canada approves them for us.


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