Wild Accusations Doesn’t Make a Point

Wild Accusations Doesn’t Make a Point

Sometimes, people say things that are so off-base, so outlandish, and so offensive that they make you want to tear your hair out.

In a discussion about countries who abort female fetusĀ opting to keep only male offspring, a pro-life individual used the subject as an example of why abortions should be banned and declared that pro-choice activist was pro gender genocide.

What can you do when confronted with someone who is just spewing untruths at you without remorse or consideration for the truth?

The pro-choice activist is fighting for woman rights to her own body. There isn’t any scenario where they are pro abortion of male children.

The problem with the wild accusation is that the people who use it as a tactic not only show their ignorance on the subject, but they also show a lack of attempt at educating themselves. There are people who are simply content with their stupidity and will never let logic and knowledge get through.


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