Life is Messy

Life is Messy – Tips to deal with it all when feeling completely drained.

Most of us have days when we feel helpless, overloaded or unappreciated, when dragging ourselves out of bed requires the determination of a Greek goddess.

window-view-1081788_1920Anyone suffering from a chronic illness battles with extreme exhaustion. Being tired all the time takes a new meaning. You’re exhausted all the time. In my case, my immune system is defective. I get sick a lot. I have frequent migraines and terrible muscle pain. How do you deal with life when you start the day already completely drained of energy both physical and mental? It easy to lose motivation.

Any bride planning a wedding will tell you that the process can be emotionally and physically draining. There is a lot of details to take care of, it’s expensive and you have to handle people’s expectations and disappointments/drama. We’ve all heard of the bride and grooms who crack during the process and become bridezillas or groomzillas.

Anyone purchasing their first home will tell you that the process has a lot of ups and downs. It’s a long complicated process that is filled with joy and worries. That’s before packing starts! Moving can also be quite exhausting.

boy-2027675_1280Anyone dealing with family drama will tell you how painful and draining that can be. My parents care for me so much, but their anxiety can be communicative. I’m sitting at work after a serious conversation with them and I am feeling sick to my stomach. I am completely drained.

Anyone with a job has known how stressful and overwhelming it can be at times, especially if you do not like your current employment. Fortunately, I love my job, even if it can be exasperating at times!

Anyone who is parenting multiple teens at the same time will tell you it can get a bit stressful. Parents of kids with learning difficulties require more energy to get through each day.

Life is messy. It comes at you in chaos and multiple things at once. It can put too many pressures that demand too much of you physically and psychologically. It’s easy to feel tired and drained most of the time.

How do you deal with the stress and find the energy to deal with it all, when you are already completely drained both physically and mentally?

Trying to push through the exhaustion and continuing as you have been will only cause further emotional and physical damage.

Night Out

I’m an introvert. I tend to be a homebody. When things are getting to be too much, I arrange to go out for a one on one supper with my best friend. I leave everyone else behind for one evening. It does real good for the soul.

Focus on the Good

Focus on the parts of your life that bring you joy.

Instead of looking at my list of “To do’s” for the wedding, I take a step back and remember that this is a celebration of our love and how lucky I am to have found that one person I want to spend the rest of my day with.

Instead of looking at all the back and forth with insurance and financial companies and the appointments, I take a step back and realise that soon I will be moving into a home of my own. It’s the realisation of a dream that has been around for a very long time.

Set boundaries

This is what I ended up doing this morning with my family drama. I explained what I was willing to deal with and what I couldn’t/wouldn’t anymore. I explained how it was affecting me and that I was dealing with enough stress in my life, my family shouldn’t be an additional source. Only time will show if this talk did some good.

Take time off

If you can afford to. Take some time off for yourself. I’ve booked two days prior to the wedding. One of these days is only for me. I want to schedule me-time and relax.


Creativity is a powerful antidote to stress. For me, this blog is an excellent source of outpouring of stress, emotional baggage, dreams, etc. I also like to play video games, something both my fiancé and I share. We try to leave some time every week to disconnect and play.


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