Think before typing

Think before typing

I was reading an article talking about a possible herpes vaccine. I’m always interested in new medical findings whether it applies to me or not. I don’t have epilepsy and yet taking epilepsy medication helped me eliminate my migraines.

startup-849804_1920In the Facebook comments someone replied that the majority of the human population have the virus and it’s harmless, which is technically true, even if his statistic were a bit too high. Then he added that there is some cases that are difficult to live with, but that didn’t warrant the creation and distribution of a vaccines. Now why would anyone be against finding a cure to an illness? 

There are many elements about that comment that made me think. First of all, if you don’t have anything constructive to add to a conversation, why not keep it to yourself. What is it about sitting behind a keyboard that draws some individuals into commenting on everything they see? 

Whether you suffer from the illness or not, why wouldn’t you happy about a possible cure? Have we become such a selfish society that we cannot find joy in someone else’s happiness?

twitter-292994_1920I personally don’t care how rare or how generalised an illness is, I do not believe anyone should be complaining about finding a cure. If the person had also bothered reading the article, he might have understood that finding a cure for herpes opens up the door to finding a cure to many chronic, persistent and recurrent viruses. This is extremely good news.

Think before you type. take a moment to think about whether or not what you’re saying might be constructive.


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