I’m getting married! Where did my privacy go?

I’m getting married! Where did my privacy go?

I’m an introvert and a very private person. I’m also a person who believes that you should keep work and home life separate. I’m finding this harder to do as people who know I’m getting married this year are getting bolder trying to plan or invite themselves to the party.

wedding-322034_1920As we are getting closer to the wedding month, more and more people are giving me their opinion and offering to help “improve” my wedding, many are individuals that aren’t even invited to attend. They are so hopeful and expectant that you will welcome their help, it can be difficult or awkward to explain that you already have everything in hand and there’s nothing left to worry about.

I also asked for a day off before the wedding and a few days after the wedding and the Human Resources Manager asked me a myriad of questions regarding my wedding, questioning why it’s the wedding she’s heard less about in her history with the company. She was wondering if I really wanted to get married. I am really excited about my wedding. Yes, I’ve been busy planning since the day I said “Yes”. I’ve gushed over wedding magazines and online articles. I’ve written a couple myself. My dress makes me feel like a princess. I’m going all out or as far as my budget will let me. I just learn early on that discussing details with people you aren’t planning to invite makes for awkward moments when they realise they aren’t on the list. I try to keep my response simple and direct, thanking them for their kindness but letting them know that I have everything under control, which is the truth.

What surprises me is that now that it’s getting closer, it doesn’t matter that I’m not talking about the event, people know it’s coming and are doing the talking for me. I’m still stuck with these awkward moments trying to explain it’s a small wedding, mostly family and close friends. I hate seeing disappointment in people’s face, but this is my wedding and I only want people who are privy to my private life to be there.


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