Why such anger and hostility?

“The wage gap does not exist. There is no company that pays a woman less than a man for the same job.” I’ve been told more than once by men in my life. Some people get extremely anger and defensive when the subject is brought up. Why such anger and hostility?

binary-1327493_1920The wage gap in Canada is a fact, and the gap is greater among women of colour and white men than it is between white women and white men. Many white women are impacted by the wage gap, but for women of colour, there’s a good chance they will also make less than a white woman. It becomes a matter of both race and gender.

My cousin met his future wife at his previous workplace. She is a Vietnamese woman. They were both hired as computer programmers on the same day and worked on all the same projects. They eventually fell in love, got engaged and discovered that his future bride was being paid half of what he was getting for the same job.

My cousin’s first response was to find it funny. He was actually shocked when we all reacted with shocked horror and guided his future wife on how to face this injustice and fight back. There’s nothing funny about finding out that your business underpays you only because you are female.

woman-1245926_1920How sad that the two sexes can’t see that treating both as equals improves everybody’s life.

They both have jobs in different companies now and she is now making much more than she used to. This happened in Canada only a few years ago.

I’ve heard it all when discussing equal pay. I’ve been told that women are just bad negotiators. It’s difficult to negotiate when you don’t have all the facts, which is why I agree with pay transparency.

I’ve heard, “maybe she should have been better at her job”. Please explain how a company who hires a man and women on the same day can already tell who will be the better worker because pay gap happens from the moment you are hired.

“We need to create a society where girls and women are getting the same encouragement and support to build their careers as the boys and men are, from the start. That’s just my 78cents.” – Matt McGorry


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