Take your medication

Take your medication

People with health issues, such as chronic illness and mental illness shouldn’t feel guilty about taking their medications and yet many (including myself) have reported such feelings.

medications-257359_1920Medicine is there for a reason and many of us need it to survive. People with a mild headache take aspirin without any guilt, why should we feel guilty about taking our own medication?

At the beginning, I used to hide when taking my medication. I did it out of automatism. I didn’t even reflect on why I was doing this. I just didn’t feel right taking it while others could see.

I started taking my medication at work during the day so that people would have a visual of my invisible illness.

I’ve had several people, including family members questioned that I was taking too many pain medication or that the prescription may be too strong. I always found it funny that people who have no background in medicine are willing to believe what they overheard someone say instead of trusting the doctors who are following the patient closely and making regular adjustment to the medication.


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