I am currently taking medication to treat depression and anxiety issues caused by Graves Disease. I must say that my quality of life as been much better since I am on this medication, but it took a while to start working and it’s not a solve all issues solution. Anxiety and depression will still flare up and it can happen at any moment.

nothing-1394845_1920Anxiety hit last night. I recognised it for what it was. I tried to dismiss it, but it was always present in the background, bringing my mood down, always ready to jump to the foreground the instant I wasn’t busying myself with something else. It caused my mind to go into a vicious and exhausting cycles of what ifs, whys, overthinking, over analysing, leaving me feeling horrible. The out of nowhere flareups are the worst. It was present when I fell asleep. It made for a restless night of sleep, as I tossed and turned. It affected my dreams as all of my worst fears became reality in dreams and nightmares. It was there when I woke up feeling tired even thought my day just started.

In this case time answered and calmed the what ifs, whys, overthinking, over analysing, confirming what I had told myself when I first pushed the anxiety aside recognising it for what it was, but it didn’t stop the roller coaster ride that has left me depleted as I start this new day. I now have to function with sleep deprivation.