Family – More Similar than we think

Family – More Similar than we think

I had supper with 2 cousins last weekend. We live a few hours away from each other so we don’t get to see each other much outside of social media updates. It was good to talk and realise a few things about family.


We all have caring parents who love their children above everything else. We are very lucky this way.

boy-2048028_1920Talking about our relationships with our parents, it became obvious that some of the characters flaws is shared among brothers and sisters. It seems that everyone has the tendency to go over conversations and moments looking at every angle and pointing out everything perceived as negative (true or imagined). This trait seems to get worst with age. That was a scary realisation for all 3 of us. Maybe that’s why I’m involved in activism and justice.

It was funny to see that even thought we live in different areas of the province and have little contact, we still go through the same things.


I was diagnosed with Graves Disease an auto-immune illness last year and am in the process of being diagnosed with a second auto-immune illness this year. Talking with my cousin, it was also a realisation that many of us have auto-immune related illnesses. Many different illnesses, but they are all related to auto-immune issues.


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