Banned plastic bags

recycling-41078_1280In Montreal they have banned plastic bags, well almost, well technically not at all. I can see where this may be confusing.

There is a ban that was passed banning shopping plastic bags that aren’t reusable. So if the store offer plastic bags that are thicker and technically reusable, it’s perfectly legal. Unfortunately, the alternatives to plastic shopping bags are not any better for the environment. Whether it is thicker plastic or reusable, paper, of any other type, all bags have an environmental impact.

Let’s add that reusable bags are recyclable in Quebec.

So what exactly was the point of passing this law? How much people worked on coming out with this? How much did it cost in time, money, study fees, etc.?

To learn more about plastic bags and the environment visit the Bag Smart website. There is also a grocery bag that was created that won’t hurt animals, it actually can feed them. This is the kind of solution that should be encouraged.


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