It is time to end the stigma of mental illnesses

It is time to end the stigma of mental illnesses.

family-838239_1920So many of use have or/and knows someone who has a mental illness. I have a mental illness (Anxiety & Depression due to Graves Disease) and work with several individuals who also have mental illnesses (ranging from Bi-Polar to Panic Attacks), each one of us is intelligent, professional, productive, capable human beings.

Mental illnesses have been stigmatised for so long that it has become ingrained within us to have a negative reaction to it. I have even seen people who have been living with a mental illness for a long while, are taking medication, and are fully functional, turn around and pass a comment on someone else who opened up about having a mental illness.

It’s important for people to understand that anyone can develop a mental illness and it can happen at any stage in life, from childhood to adulthood, poor or rich, regardless of gender or race.

Unfortunately, too many times the news media propagate stigma. The majority of people with mental illness are non-violent. It’s unfortunate that this untrue stigma is in our society.

The mental health system in Canada is seriously flawed. It is under funded. Access to proper resources is difficult and expensive.


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