Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

We booked with All Seasons Weddings 16 months prior to the wedding date. One of the reason why I like the idea of going with a company, rather than booking with an independent, was their promise to find a replacement if the celebrant was sick on the wedding day and couldn’t perform the ceremony. I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

chapel-1708472_1920All Seasons Weddings’ advertising states that they are Canada’s best wedding officiant service and I will second that. If you aren’t having a religious wedding and are residing in Canada, I would absolutely recommend them.

You choose your officiant through their online website, which are all provincially licensed and legal, you can book right away, you meet them about a month prior to the wedding, you choose your personalised ceremony. It’s a professional service all the way.

In our case we wanted a bilingual celebrant and we wanted to write our own vows. I also wanted to deviate a bit from the traditional wedding ceremony. I didn’t want to walk down the aisle with my dad and have him give me away. I’m not my dad’s property, I’m not my husband’s property. No one was going to give me to anyone. I did want my parents to walked down the aisle together and give their approval to our wedding.

Turns out All Seasons Weddings had to replace our celebrant much sooner. The celebrant we had chosen, spoken to, and began our planning with, quit the wedding industry 5 weeks prior to the big day without prior warning effective immediately. We found out pretty much at the same time as All Seasons Weddings as we were trying to reach our celebrant for several days to set up an appointment without success. All Seasons Weddings found us a new celebrant within the hour and took the time to reassure us that we were still ahead of the game and everything would be okay.

venue-1754494_1920If you are planning your wedding, the worst thing that can happen is having to find a new celebrant at the last minute. All Seasons Wedding’s quick response to what could have been a disaster, made the panic go away as quickly as it came.

If you have access to such a company and are hesitating, please take our experience to heart and have a backup plan should the worst happen.

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