Things will look up

We’ve been torn apart, scarred and bruised, but we will make it through. Hold on tight. Change will come. It’s on its way. You don’t have to see it, just believe me when I say it is coming. You will be fine. Things will look up.

“Nothing is permanent. Everything is subject to change. Being always becoming.” – Buddha

girl-869213_1920Nothing last, not the good, nor the bad. For me, this means that we must enjoy the good times as it passes and know that the bad times will come to pass.

Sometimes we are miserable. Sometimes we are pitiful. Sometimes we aren’t sure who we are or who we have become. There will be better days.

The worry is weighing on us. All these questions mark unanswered. Just know we are never truly alone. Someone else is going through the same thing as you.

All the things we’ve already been through and yet we are still here. Look at far we’ve come.

We will survive somehow. We will be strong. We will recover. We will carry on. We are powerful. The worst is over now.


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