The Justice System needs revamping

The Justice System needs revamping


The justice system needs serious revamping from a to z. If we want true justice, sentences need to be the same for men and women, for all races, for rich and poor.

“It is not possible to be in favour of justice for some people and not be in favour of justice for all people.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


First of all, old laws that don’t make any sense anymore, like you cannot pay a dept higher than $25 using 1 cents, needs to go. In a city I used to live in, a policeman is still going around giving tickets to women bicycling while wearing shorts, because there is still an active law that no one follows in the law books.


Cuber-bullying needs to be address and have strong sentences.

This is a good start:

Cyberbully accused could face 11 years in Dutch Prison


no-hate-2019922_1920A first nation woman was hospitalized after racist idiot shouting “I’ve got one” and threw a tailor hitch from a moving vehicle. This is not the first time natives have had objects thrown from moving vehicles in the area. The authorities don’t want to call it hate crime because no specific racist names was shouted.


Murder is never okay.

autumn-78825_640A Quebec father gets only a 5 year prison sentence with possibility of early release for good behaviour for killing his baby because he showed remorse. The mother has lost her child and will have to live with grief for the rest of her life, but he gets a seriously small sentence.

Sexual abuse is never okay.

The level of sexual abuse in Canada, like many other countries in the world, needs attention.

Sexual predator, Andrew Phillips, who works with kids was given a 15 months sentence, but after only a few hours behind bars, he was released because his case is going into appeal. There are two things wrong with this story. First, we need more severe sentence for sexual predators. Victims are scared for life. Sentencing needs to represent that. Secondly, he should have stayed behind bars while his case was in appeal.

prison-162885_1280Why was an Ontario serial rapist and paedophile held in a minimum security prison? Rape is not a small crime. Only in today’s day and age would someone be classified as a serial rapist and only be held in a minimum security prison. He managed to escape placing women and underage girls everywhere in serious danger. The justice system needs to be there to protect society from violent crimes. It is currently failing us. Our justice system is way to easy on criminals.

A Quebec grandfather who was accused of years of incest with both daughters and fathered 3 children with one of his daughters for whom the prosecutors were asking 20 to 22 years of prison got 15 years. Although it’s the longest prison sentence I’ve seen in many years, it is still a smaller, more lenient than was asked for.

A Quebec paedophile priest gets 40 days in prison for breaching his release conditions. Justice is way to soft on sexual predators who show little respect for their release conditions, which shows that he will probably be a recidivist.

The consequence on the victims need to be echoed in the sentencing of the criminals who caused the pain and consequence.

  • Mother speaks out about teenage daughter’s suicide after she was bullied and gang raped. A life was taken.


In Quebec, some inmates are suing to receive higher salaries.  They are in prison, they shouldn’t be making any money at all. This is completely ridiculous.


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