Earth Day

“Some day the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die.” – John Hollow Horn, Oglala Lakota

Everything on this earth is sacred. Everything on this earth is connected. Are you here to improve or damage it? Look at the facts below and you will see that we are already on the brink of disaster as it is. Lets take care of our link with life.

nice-1818378_1920Water is life. We are 97% water and just a slight drop in that amount and we can die.

Dramatic changes have already been recorded around the Great Salt Lake area. Iran’s Lake Urmia actually changed colour caused by heat, dryness and evaporated water. Already in some areas, dirty water is stunting the growth of children.

Scientists are warning us that the warming of the ocean could make seafood too toxic to eat. The levels of acid have already started to affect the seafood industry and the economy.

There are solutions available, these need to be made available to everyone and should inspire more solutions to come.

“Our very being, essence, health and happiness depend on Mother Earth.” – David Suzuki

park-429712_1920Without the Earth there is no life. Yet there are those who profit from destroying this planet. There are those who choose immediate enrichment over the survival of the human race.

Bumblebees have been declared endangered in the United States after their population went down by 85%.


“It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the environment.” – Vandana Shiva, an Indian scholar, environmental activist and anti-globalization author

There are people and companies who are striving to help the environment and should get more notice:

It is ironic that we, as citizens, need to continually fight the government we elected in order to protect the environment. The most important word here is “alliance”.

“When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, then only will the white man discover that he cannot eat money…” – Native American Quote

List of songs about protecting nature:

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