Why to we hold women accountable for men’s actions?

Why to we hold women accountable for men’s actions?

Too often when men go on murderous rampage, people turn to the women in their lives and start blaming them for what happened.

Comments like these have become standard:

  • “He killed people because of a fat bitch”
  • “He snapped because of a woman”
  • “She drove him crazy”

Many are forced to publicly apologize to the families of the murdered individuals. These men are painted as good guys who aren’t responsible for their actions, while the women (girlfriend/wife/mothers) in these men lives are held publicly responsible. People fight to defend murderers and threaten the lives of the innocent people who didn’t commit horrible acts.

people-1492052_1920Many are forced into hiding, because of death threats following the actions of their boyfriend/husband/fathers, etc.

Men are responsible for their own behaviours. Women are not and should not be rendered accountable for their violent/murderous boyfriend/husband/fathers, etc.


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