Tree houses – A child’s castle

tree-160030_1280When I was a child, my paternal grandfather built my cousin, my sibling and I a big tree house which was above everyone’s head. It had a small space in the wall at the height of our little eyes so we could spy on people coming in and out of the family stables.  We each had a pair of spy glasses that folded in a small case and a small notebook to record the intelligence we gathered. It made us feel like real undercover spies. Play is a
healthy and essential part of childhood.


“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory,” – Dr. Seuss

I grew up and eventually had a family of my own. I built a tree house for them wanting to encourage play time and imagination like I had as a child. A neighbour tried to have it destroyed, but thank goodness the rules and regulation of the area we lived in was on our side. I find it terrible that people would take away everything that made our childhood great. Kids need playtime.


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