Parenting means facing fears

Parenting means facing fears

I used to love signing, but over the years I learned that I have a horrible voice and should never ever sing, so I stopped. The only place I sing is in the car when I’m all alone.

music-594275_1280I took theatre classes when I was younger. When it came to singing the teacher used me as an example of what happens to your voice when you smoke. I have never even tried a cigarette once in my life. She didn’t believe me. I do have asthma and it wasn’t control properly back then.

I alone in my bedroom once getting dressed and singing to music that was playing. I didn’t think anyone could hear me. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. My spouse of the time was int he kitchen and thought that I was having a seizure, and called an ambulance. Talk about super embarrassing.

My kidĀ gets mad any time I don’t participate when people sign. She says that I have a beautiful voice and shouldn’t worry about what people say. It isn’t easy letting go of years of belief, but I am trying for my child.

Has your child pushed you to face some of your personal fears?


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