Government transparency is a must

government-house-703268_1280Controlling information is never a good or ethical plan. Government transparency is a must. When governments are based on lies, control, dishonesty, and authority, everyone suffers.

I believe that citizens have the right to know how their government works.

When government administration control the release of climate change data and facts, we know that they want to change facts to match their capitalist agenda and it is obvious that by hiding facts from citizens that they are not looking after the best interest of citizens.

The leader of the country is chosen by voter majority. He or she has the responsibility to represent these voters. Keeping this in mind, it is only logical that the people who hired him or her should have access to his or her work.

It is disheartening to see protests and petitions undone with the stroke of a pen. It is unacceptable to see the leader of a country, any country, make a decision that benefits them personally, without thinking about the voters or the generations to come.

This is the height of corruption. Soon there will be no environmental regulations, increase in global temperatures, rising ocean levels, rise in cancer rates, increases in lung disease, and many other health problems if we don’t step up and demand government transparency.

Blaming the person or persons who leaked the information is nothing but a distraction as to the illegal happenings. They want you to look the other way as if these illegal actions are acceptable.


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