Women are human beings too

Women are human beings too

Even in countries where women have more rights than anywhere else in the world, there have been reports of rapist filming their exploits, live streaming to hundreds of viewers, bragging and joking about their crime. There are also YouTube challenges about hurting women for laughs and giggles.

aircraft-428894_1920When a superpower elects a president who brags about assaulting women, makes a fortune off of organizing pageants, dismantles reproductive rights, and so on, it gives rise to a wave of misogynistic douche-bags to spread hate with entitlement.

When we hear about sexual predators getting away with ridiculous sentences and judges making terribly sexist comments, it sends a clear message that women are nothing in this society.

I’m so thankful for the 2017 Women’s March and Sister’s March and all the combine protesting for women’s rights that are happening. We can’t take this anymore, and we won’t. Women aren’t nothing. Women are somebody.

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