No consequences for rape

As long as there are no consequences for rape it will keep happening. As long as there are no consequences, there will be a clear message that women don’t matter in the eyes of the law.

woman-690216_1280James Cook a University Adviser pleaded guilty to rape on a student, pretty much said he did it out of boredom and he got promoted by the university. Are you kidding me?  This man who admitted to being a sexual predator was not only allowed to keep his position of authority towards students, but was rewarded with a promotion?! It is absolutely deplorable.

The victim on the other hand dropped out of her studies. Her life as been altered forever. She has to live with the consequence of his crime for the rest of her life.

The fact that a convicted rapist can escape jail time by promising not to have premarital sex is also incredibly messed up. The judge dismisses the rape of an underage girls as being just another sexual conquests.That doesn’t do justice for the survivor. It doesn’t address the harm that was done to the child.  Making a promise not to have sex will not stop him from raping anyone else.

The problem is also that the leniency of jail terms for white men is so much that it might seem to be worth it. There is literally almost no punishment for raping if you are white. Make sentencing serious, then everyone will take the issue more seriously.

“Cody will never understand what he has done to our family. Cody robbed her of her innocence. He destroyed the child left in her. This can never be returned.” – The victim’s mother.

Then we wonder why many rape victims never come forward?

Sexual abuse is never okay. Whether someone decided to report their rape/assault, and whether or not any of us did or would do the same thing cannot ever be grounds for judging someone else and their experiences.

If the first thing you think when you hear about a crime is that you would have been more careful had you been in the victim’s shoes, you are practising  victim-blaming. It’s the subconscious idea that we believe people get what they deserve. Holding victims responsible for their misfortune is partially a way to avoid admitting that something just as unthinkable could happen to you or your loved ones.

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