Facebook Live Violence – Are we asking the right questions?

Facebook Live Violence – Are we asking the right questions?

Facebook promised action regarding the violence Facebook Live videos, but are we asking the right question when addressing the problem?

questions-1328466_1920Are these videos causing violence or are they merely showing something that exists in our society? Are we shocked and angered by violent and murderous acts or personally witnessing or knowing about them? Should we be putting as much pressure on police and the justice system to address this problem or are we simply demanding social media outlets to protect our sensibilities and keep this issue away from our eyes and ears?

Shutting down Facebook live isn’t the answer. It only indicates a sentiment that society wants to ignore violence rather than actually stop it. Ignoring an issue doesn’t solve it. Ignoring the issue won’t save lives. Ignoring the issue doesn’t mean that we are safe.

In addition, If we consider that these videos provide concrete evidence of crimes that have been committed, I say leave it be. Only remove them once the police are done with their investigation to be respectful. It is a sad world that some one will record their criminal acts but it certainly speeds up the investigation and convictions of these criminals.

web-page-2084779_1920People are demanding action from Facebook, but they aren’t the only social media outlet with this kind of problem. There are many social media sites that people upload to. You can find lots of videos like this on YouTube and other sites. This isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s just getting more difficult to ignore and that may be what society needs to finally do something about it.

Something needs to be done to address the violent crimes, not only on the prosecution side, but on prevention side also. How many people have gone to the authorities stating that they feared for their life or the lives of their children only to be told that there isn’t anything they can do to help?

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