There is a growing epidemic, let’s do something about it.

Whether it’s in the news, in conversations, or during justice proceedings, the excuses and latitude we give violent men is infuriating. There isn’t a day that goes by without seeing a story about a (ex)husband or (ex)boyfriend murdering women and/or children in their lives. Men who murder their wives and children are described as great people who ‘just snapped’, who just had a bad day. We downplay the crime, as if his life matters more than the ones he took away. People say this is ‘out of character’ for them, because people truly believe these if these men gets on well with people at work or in public, then they can’t possibly be anything else in private.

It doesn’t do anyone good to close our eyes and pretend this problem isn’t real. Silence and fear aren’t the best options.  Why are so many people so content to turn their backs on the epidemic of domestic violence?

We need to do better. Steps needs to be taken to address domestic violence more seriously. Steps need to be taken to address the growing epidemic of people who believe they have a right over another’s life. This is serious.

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