Nothing to Prove

We are putting a lot of pressure on our shoulders to have a certain life and live a certain way, competing with others and ourselves to achieve our goals as fast as possible. The problem is that this competition is completely self made. In reality, we have nothing to prove to anyone.

There is also no one way to be successful and life the good life. What makes you happy, may not make me happy and that’s perfectly okay. This world needs all kind of folks to complete it.

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou

woman-1245926_1920Especially with the arrival of social media, I have many friends who judges their success by the amount of online friends and likes they have. If that is what make you happy, fine, but if it’s creating a feeling of constant competition and inadequacy, then know that success isn’t measure by a busy online social life. Personally, I prefer quality over quantity. That is what makes me happy.

It’s also always been a stronger pull for me to discover truth rather than be popular.

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