TV Series Review: Wynonna Earp

I have never been a fan of cowboy movies or television series. The Syfy series (also available on Netflix) Wynonna Earp is the exception. Probably because it’s a mix of different genres (cowboy, dystopia, supernatural, horror, etc.) all in a modern day setting and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I decided to give this series a chance when I heard that it is written by Emily Andras, who has previously worked on Lost Girlwhich I greatly enjoyed.

cowboy-1129345_1920Wynonna refuses to be a bystander. She will go help when others will simply run away thinking only of themselves.

Waverely, Wynonna’s little sister, is just as feisty, if not more so in later episodes and there are a couple of them where she’s pretty much center and if Wynonna ever got written out for whatever reason she could easily carry the show.

Family is everything to them, dysfunctional as it may be. In this sense, it is very similar to the Supernatural series and the relationship between Dean and Sam (another series I really like). Wynonna has a special gun that kills demons called The Peacemaker, from Wyatt Earp. Dean has a special gun that kills demons called The Colt from Samuel Colt.

Wynonna immediately gets recruited by the government who of course knows about the things that go bump in the night. Their relationship is very snarky and a source of a lot of the show’s humor.

The amount of sexism being thrown which ever way is typical of cowboy movies and television series and it’s annoying. If it wasn’t for the strong female characters, I would have turned off a long time ago. It seems that the sexist = evils and they usually get vanquished which is alright by me.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “Careful, Earp. Doing what’s right, even in the face of ridiculous odds, you are beginning to sound like a hero.” – Doc Holliday
  • “Careful isn’t really my style.” – Wynonna Earp
  • “Do you have a flamethrower, because a flamethrower is actually fun.” – Wynonna
  • “Get away from my girls, you nut sack!” – Bethany
  • “Hey, Guys! Don’t worry about me, I’ve got this.” – Waverly Earp
  • “How can somebody so pretty be smart, huh?” – Chump “Because there aren’t mutually exclusive.” –  Waverly Earp
  • “I want them to tremble with fear before me.” – Wynonna Earp
  • “Ooh! Do I get a badge! A code name? Oh my God, a flamethrower?” – Waverly Earp
  • “She ain’t anybody’s but her own.” – Doc Holliday
  • “Such a shame that all the men in this town are insane.” – Wynonna Earp
  • “Ugly & dumb, are you sure we haven’t dated?” – Wynonna Earp

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