Why I had breast reduction surgery

the-device-1822457_1920Having breast reduction surgery was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

I had a breast reduction back in college. My mother had a breast reduction after having my younger sibling.

My chest was so big, I had to order bras through magazines because you couldn’t find my size at the store and of course, these were very expensive.

The type of attention I used to receive wasn’t the type any teenager or young woman wants. I was sick of being treated like a street prostitute. I was sick of people thinking they could simply grab them since they were big or assuming I would say yes to everyone who asked.

I’ve never regretted the operation. Men went from asking my price to asking on an actual date. I was suddenly an actual person and not just a body to use. Unfortunately, this has been my experience.

My operation was completely covered since I had much more than the minimum amount of tissue removed required for it to be considered a medical procedure. I luckily didn’t have to foot the bill for the reduction.

I love the way I feel and look now and my options in clothing are so much greater than it uses to be.

People are always surprised when I talk about my breast reduction. For some reason getting implants are totally fine to talk about, but getting a reduction is just too taboo a subject that no one wants to discuss. I believe it should be discussed. Some people took offence that I would have a surgery that may stop me from breastfeeding children I may or may not have in the future. People often express shocked and wondered if any man would want to be with a woman who had a breast reduction. Would they still be attractive? There seemed to be a general consensus that I had to think about how changing my body would affect other people’s lives.

“It’s not selfish to put my own well-being first; it’s smart.” – Melanie Young


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