Not in my backyard

I am so tired of hearing the “Not in my backyard!” when fighting about a cause.

rabbit-1158594_1920This statement literally means it’s okay to do this as long as it’s affecting someone else. The minute you are against something happening in your own backyard we should be fighting to find alternatives that means it won’t happen in anyone’s backyard.

It is a very selfish point of view and it holds the message that other people aren’t as important or valuable. Did we forget that we are all on this planet together and we are all connected?

For example, I’ve hear a lot about the pipeline. Many are okay with them as long as they pass far from the cities they live in, but seem okay with the line passing and destroying the land of First Nation People stating that it was probably the safest place to build them. There is no safe place, the destruction of nature affect us all, respect of someone’s land affects us all. We should be all be raising our voices and demanding renewable energy that isn’t destructive to the environment.


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