Things People with Thyroid and Autoimmune don’t want to hear

Things People with Thyroid and Autoimmune don’t want to hear

Complaining about weight

belly-2354_1920Please don’t complain to your friend with a thyroid and autoimmune illness about your weight issues.

I received a text this morning from a friend who is a size 4 that she is feeling fat, that she needs to join the gym and how it’s really making her feel down. She was looking for reassurance and comfort. As much as I would love to offer both, her text message rubbed me the wrong way. I’m a size 16, struggling with a thyroid and autoimmune illness. I have gained weight this year because of medication and my thyroid being on the fritz. I’m about to have my thyroid killed/removed, which will probably mean more weight to come and you are complaining about your weight? Seriously?!

I felt like shouting: “I have real weight problems, you don’t,” but I know it’s unfair. She is entitled to her own feelings. I just wished she would have taken a step back and realise that telling me that¬†she is feeling completely discouraged and fat at size 4 would make me feel. She knows I’m already worried about what the medical procedure to come and what it will mean to my already difficult to control weight.

Telling me how easy it is for you to lose weight

The other thing that doesn’t help, is people¬†telling explaining how easy it is to lose weight just by doing a bit of exercise every day.

fitness-1499785_1920It’s easy for you because you are healthy. It’ s a struggle for me because my thyroid doesn’t work properly (soon to work not at all), and the doctors are suspecting fibromyalgia.

It’s not a question of laziness or lack of will. I eat small healthy portions and I do as much exercise as I can, but I am still slowly packing on weight. I am hoping that once my thyroid is gone and that with the help of my doctor we have found the proper dosage, I will be able to take back full control, but for now, it’s not possible.

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