Doctors overplays the cure

In my experience, doctors overplays the cure and underplays the symptoms. Even with doctors, people with chronic illnesses get scrutinised, patronised, interrogated and belittled. I’m not exaggerating, I’m not trying to pull a fast one, I’m not a whiner and I’m not slow and I deserve respect. I might be sick, but I’m still human! Maybe someone in a position of authority over doctors should teach them that bedside manners matter. It has been proven that doctors who show compassion actually help you heal faster.

I expected things to get worse before they got better, but not quite like this.

love-1716825_1920No one warned me about the muscle aches and pain and how bad it would get. No one warned me that there would be days when I wouldn’t be able to undress and would need help to get into bed.

No one warned me that I would want to go out and be active, but that my body wouldn’t let me. No one warned me how fast my body would start feeling pain when I do go out and try to be active.

No one warned me that I would be too tired, weary and in pain to do simple tasks most days. No one told me that I doing dishes would become a painful struggle.

No one warned me how frustrating and upsetting my life would become.

I have to praise in this moment the fact that we now have the advantage of social media. We can turn to our keyboards and find people all over the world who have the same illness. We can share our experiences and our questions. Together we can get a better picture of the illness, a picture that our doctors are unable to draw.

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