Torn between I can and I can’t

Torn between I can and I can’t

I have to say no to countless outings and events. Sometimes it’s just too difficult. Sometimes I say yes regardless and I will pay for it afterwards.

beautiful-girl-2003647_1920I’m constantly torn between “I won’t let this hold me back” and “I need to listen to my body.” I was trying to explain that to a friend when she kept trying to stop me from helping to pick up after an event. She could see that I was in pain. I explained that if I stopped doing all the things that make me feel pain, I wouldn’t do anything, ever. I won’t let pain and illness rub me from life.

Friends have to slow down when we walk together. They give excuses that they are speed walkers, etc., but we all know I used to walk faster than all of them.

I can’t expect people to understand. You can’t really understand unless you have been there and for those of us who have been there, we wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

Trying to explain that even when you look healthy and happy, you are still in pain, is a strange concept for most people.

“I just need a vacation… from my own body… for a week… on a desert island… that’s all.” – FB/Dear Fibromyalgia

Just one day without pain would be nice. A whole week of no pain…what in the world would that be like??

It could be much worse.


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