Weather affect chronic illness

Weather affect chronic illness. It’s become clear to me that rainy weather is definitely one of my triggers.

It also has become clear to me that people don’t understand when someone with a chronic illness speaks of good and bad pain days, which is why I decided to write about one of my bad pain days.

I woke up during the night due to pain. I was able to fall back asleep but woke up tired from the lack of sleep. I’ve had trouble sleeping all week due to pain and the exhaustion is only growing.

abstract-971441_1920Waking up, both feet still very painful. They hurt yesterday also. Shooting pain if I place any weight on the outer part of the foot. I wobbled to the bathroom, making faces each time I took an awkward step. My legs painful from top to bottom and have trouble supporting the weight of my body.

Got severe nausea when brushing my teeth. As I was leaning over the toilet bowl, my entire body caught on painful fire-like, seizing-like pain. I felt it inside my breasts, chest, arms, hands. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move. All I could do is cry.

I forced myself into the shower. I have a seat in there. We purchase it a few months ago when it became clear that I would no longer be able to shave my legs standing up. Hot water from shower helped reduce pain, but the pain is still bad everywhere. Every joint is screaming out. It’s impossible to get past the pain and concentrate on anything else.

Normally, I would have worked from home when feeling this way, but today after work we are picking up my best friend and we are heading up to a chalet for my bachelorette party. I don’t want this pain to keep me away from my own bachelorette party.

help-1013700_1920My fiancé had to help me with the few steps outside our home. Thank goodness for heated seats in the car. They are amazing.

Hands hurt writing and typing. I feel the pain all the way to the elbows. It’s not going to be an easy day or a very productive one either. Thank goodness, I can help people with their computer issues by connecting through TeamViewer and talking over the phone because pain surges the minute I move and pain meds are not helping today.

I made it to the office. Sitting in my chair with heating pads. Taking lots of breaks between a little bit of typing. I’m lucky to have an understanding boss so far.

It’s 9:30 AM and I’m completely wiped. I am fighting against sleep and I’ve already had 2 coffees. Nothing is helping. I should have taken a sick day, but I don’t have any left… It’s only May. How am I going to survive the rest of this year? I just want to cry.

medical-1250589_1280I received a lot of call asking for my help. I am relieved that my presence at the office has been helpful. It wasn’t a completely unproductive day after all.

It’s 11 AM and I was just sick. Bad pain days make me nauseous and even affects my bowels. The pain being simply too much for my body to take. I’m starting to lose fate on my bachelorette party. My heart is breaking. Taking more pain pills. I need this day to get better, not worst.


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