Hierarchy of problems

Whether you are writing an article online or you are participating in a protest, there will always be someone who will voice their unhappiness at the choice of cause. There are always more important issues to talk about than the cause currently being highlighted.

tolerance-743053_1920These comments convey the idea that the speaker or protesters are blowing a cause they care about out of proportion. It makes it sounds like it has more to do with whining than highlighting a real issue.  They not only detract a conversation from a real problem but also penalises people for speaking out about something that is important to them.

The main problem with creating a hierarchy of causes and asking everyone to pay more attention to the bigger items is that these bigger problems are often created or started as smaller ones. All problems are valuable and need to be addressed. In order to work, activism must be inclusive.

Secondly, we can concern ourselves with more than one issue at a time.

We’re talking about basic life necessities for those close to us as well as those in other countries. What makes the ones closer to us more important than the ones further away? They are all in need and it’s a matter of life and death for many of them. Let’s not categorise which ones should be more likely to live when we can just try our best to help them all!

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