My body, My Choice

We are in the 21st century.  The freedom to dress as one wishes without receiving criticism from unknown people should be ingrained into society. It sounds so basic: my body, my choice. What is so difficult to understand? 

woman-2217275_1920Every choice that a woman makes for her own body shouldn’t be up to public debate. A woman should have right on her own body to do whatever she wants to do with it. So why is this still such an issue? What is so scary or improper about being born female that makes everyone judge everything you do? Why do we still live in a society that does not want women free of their bodies? 

Women should be ashamed of their bodies. Certain outfits should deprive you of the right to respect. No woman deserves inappropriate, derogatory comments about her physique in the street, in the office, in the evening or on the internet. We have the right to make ourselves beautiful and to have fun. So why are women are constantly judged and blamed for assuming their bodies and asserting their freedom to arrange them as they see fit? 

It doesn’t matter if you are a public personality or part of the general populations. We should be defending the rights and respect of women and not judge someone because of her physical appearance or age.

woman-1822679_1920Please know that if you are attacked with words or gestures it’s not because you provoked it! Do not pay attention to all these frustrated folks, they are not worth it.

I find that using men as an excuse to control women’s choices is not only insulting to women, but to men too. Men aren’t all stupid and many appreciate being able to admire a woman without disrespecting them. Why does society think so little about them? 

It’s the 21st century, can we let women be women. People are most interested in what a woman’s looks than her achievements. I thought that women were free, the older I get the more I understand that no, there is still ways to go. How can we be free if we continue to judge and be judged on our packaging?


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