Hate Crimes need to be taken more seriously.

Love comes naturally. Hatred is learned.

Why are police and justice having such a difficult time calling racist, gendered and sexual orientation targeted crime tried as heinous hate crimes? If the authorities do not set the example< these hate crimes will keep happening and will grow in frequency.

A first nation woman in Thunder Bay was hospitalised after racist idiot shouting “I’ve got one” and threw a tailor hitch from a moving vehicle. This is not the first time natives have had objects thrown from moving vehicles in the area.

“There’s young men, on the weekends, they will throw beer bottles at you and yell out ‘bogan’ or ‘squaw’ or ‘whore,'” said Deanne Hupfield, who grew up in Thunder Bay.

Women from Winnipeg reported that when she was 16 waiting for a bus to go to work had eggs thrown at her while they called her a squaw.

It seems that more and more Canadians consider Natives at the bottom of the food chain. Even the ones who experience racism are racists towards natives. This isn’t a new phenomenon.

In 2008,  the hate crime murder of a First Nations man in Lethbridge, Alta., drew little public outcry or media attention.

gun-1678989_1920A Quebec mosque was attacked and 6 innocent lives were taken. They were targeted solely on the base of religions.

Montreal police have reported a spike in hate crimes since the Quebec mosque attack, which is another reason why we must make example out of racist criminals.

Hate crimes against first nation communities, religious group and LGBT groups keep rising.

Even when the criminals themselves spell out, in written confessions, that they carried out their attacks because of white supremacist beliefs, their actions are still treated and discussed as isolated incidents.

burglar-1216195_1920These hate crimes are horrific. I cannot understand what makes people so hateful! My heart goes out to anyone who is subjected to such disgusting behaviour. Refugees, Muslims, Blacks, Natives, LGBT, Women no one deserves to be tormented, abused and discriminated against. We all need to stand up for each other all of the time. We are so much better than what has been going on, we can be so much better. Please, stand up, be kind, be the best you came be. You are the change we need. Don’t give in to hate and bigotry.


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