International Day Against Homophobia, Trans-phobia and Bi-phobia

bride-and-groom-1825873_1920International Day Against Homophobia, Trans-phobia and Bi-phobia

Love is beautiful no matter where you find it and who you find it with.

I’m not homosexual, but if I were I would want the same rights that I have now as a heterosexual. Everyone deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other kid. It doesn’t make any sense that you should have fewer rights because of your sexual orientation.

No government shouldn’t have the right to choose whether same sex marriages are valid or not.

Progress can be fragile, which is why that even though Canadian’s currently have the right to marry who they want regardless of sexual orientation, we still need to be vigilant about protecting those rights.

autumn-1874031_1920It is one of the many reasons why representation is also very important. Seeing women and men on television be confused about their sexuality and discovering that they like their own gender is important.

Some worry about children seeing a same sex couple kiss. When asked why does that woman kiss that other woman, a simple response can be, because she loves her. It does not have to be complicated unless you want to make it so.

Never doubt, who you are is beautiful.


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