Ignorance is not bliss

Contrary to the adage, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is behind every sexist thought, behind every racist belief, it put lives in dangers, etc.

ball-1868508_1920The anti-intellectual strain has been around and growing for a long time, but the election of Donald Trump, an ignorant rich white guy, in the United States has made all the bottom feeders feel safe to come out of their hiding places and is making them feel entitled to push their ignorance upon others. If we are honest with ourselves, the anti-intellectual strains are the reason why men like Trump exists and are in power. It’s the reason why uneducated people keep voting for them and following big mouths that feed on people’s fears.

Starting at a very early age, intelligent kids are persecuted by their idiot compatriots. We call them teacher’s pets. We overvalue jocks and undervalue education. I personally went to a high school that was first in the province to their sports program and last in the province for educational value.

Nerds and Geeks are portrayed as weak and comedic relief on television shows and movies. It is amazing the amount of show directed to school children places uneducated characters as the hero and the smarter characters as the laughing stalk of the series.

It is no surprise that this trend continues into adulthood. How many times have I heard people on television and in “real” life laugh about geeks who play Dungeons & Dragons, yet take their fantasy football extremely seriously?

“We’ve come a long way in our thinking, but also in our moral decay. I can’t imagine Dr. King watching the ‘Real Housewives’ or ‘Jersey Shore’.” –
Samuel L. Jackson

Nowadays, expertise isn’t just ignored, but it’s actively disdained. Scientific consensus is rejected and scientific research is underfunded. Yet, too many choose to believe internet hoaxes over facts.

Even after these hoaxes are proven false, people still chose to believe that everything made in a laboratory is bad for you and go as far as calling it an undeniable fact. The idea that something made in a laboratory is less safe than something made by nature is bunk. There are plenty of unsafe “natural” ingredients, too. Anyone with nature survival skills knows this. Not only that, there are plenty of “natural” products that have earned their sellers billions that have been proven by scientific research to have no benefits whatsoever.

research-1029340_1920Scientists tend to be careful about making decisions until enough evidence is in for them to make an informed choice. The United States are now vetting of scientific facts from research by non-scientists, by people who know nothing about what they are appraising. We are letting the ignorant individuals of this world determine what we are permitted to know and believe in. When government are hell-bent on silencing the distribution of critical scientific information to the public, you know that there the people in a position of power are trying to keep the masses uneducated so that they will not see the level of corruption that is currently present and active. This is nothing less than an endless assault on knowledge and understanding. We should be offended, angry and rebelling against this.

We are at a point where people are redefining lying, calling it instead “alternative facts”. Every time I hear someone using this expression, I want to slap some sense back into them. These aren’t “alternative facts” – they are lies – plain and simple. There has to be a point where we realise this trend has gone too far and has to stop. The denial of scientific facts and the related suppression of that information is a problem.  I wonder why we are so scared of reality?

Scientific research moves us forward. Our brains are capable of so much. Why are dumbing ourselves down? The human race would be in such a better place right now if we valued scientists over entertainers. If teachers, scientists and doctors made a better salary than actors and sports stars. If politicians had to live on the minimum salary to understand what it’s like.

Lack of knowledge also creates fears and racism. It’s the cause being the Salem tragedy. In World War 1, we used propaganda and misinformation to make soldiers think that the enemy was horrible monsters and many were shocked to find out that the solders on the other side also had families they cared about.

“Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all.” – Plains Indian

We should be building schools, hospitals and homes, instead of walls, prisons, and weapons. We should care and take care of each other instead of seeing threats and enemies everywhere.

“One day, we will look back on this period of modern history, when scientific facts are ignored in favour of “gut feelings” and personal beliefs, with the same astonishment with which we view the superstitions that reigned in the Dark Ages.” – United Humanists


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