We do it for us

There are some people who believe that women wear high heels to show off our butts for men to enjoy, that we paint our faces to look prettier for men, that we lure men with scents or/and we change our hair colour to get the attention of men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We do it for us.

legs-434918_1920I wear flat shoes now because of a knee injury. I used to wear high heel shoes every single day. I loved them. They are so much prettier than flat shoes and there are so much more choices at the store. During that period in my life, I dated a man who was my size when I wasn’t wearing shoes. He demanded that I stopped wearing high heels because it made him look shorter. I refused. I was wearing high heels for myself and not for a man.

I don’t wear makeup every day, but when I do, is because I feel like it. It has been this way since high school, through single life and through relationships. I don’t wear it for work, I don’t wear it for a man, I wear it because on some days it makes me feel good to spice things up.  Same goes for perfume.

I used to colour my hair because the business industry placed pressure on me saying that having grey hair at my young age somehow made me unemployable. Now that I have a career and have made my own way through the industry, I stopped colouring my hair. I have beautiful white and silver hair and I’m in my 30s. It bothers some, but I have enough work experience under my belt so that my achievement weight more than my looks. I have never coloured my hair to get the attention of a man. I have never hidden the fact that my true hair colour was white when I coloured it. My best friend changes hair colour ever 3 months because she finds it boring to stay the same. She doesn’t care who like which colour or why. She does what makes her happy.

The idea that women do everything as some kind of ploy to attract men is completely ridiculous. Our bodies belong to no one but ourselves. My body, my choice.

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