Caring Eyes

blur-1867429_1920Look around you, are you lucky to enough to have friends and family from all walks of life?

I love my family and friends of all colours, politics, religious beliefs, ages, orientations and genders. Among them are the physically disabled, the individual with mental illness and invisible yet destructive chronic illness.

Have you taken a moment to wonder what the people you care for deal with on a daily basis? Have you taken a step back and seen how love has created close ties with people that differ from you and how that love has brought you happiness?

together-235128_1920I love that I live in an area that is truly diverse. One of my best memories was sitting around a table with 20 people at a rooftop barbeque talking and having fun with good food and drinks and realising that not one of us had the same cultural background. Everyone was getting along, friendships grew, it was wonderful and I’m looking forward to spring to do it again.

There is so much to be won by caring for the people around us. There is so much to be won, by participating in the melting pot that is our beautiful human population. There is so much to gain by choosing to see through caring eyes.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” – Stephen R. Covey

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