We all have fears

We all have fears. It’s perfectly normal. The problem is that fears block us from what we want. It’s much easier to avoid these fears and stay in our comfort zones. Unfortunately, you cannot grow unless you are willing to face these fears and feel uncomfortable.

hiker-918704_1920The only limit that really exists is that which is imposed when we submit to our fears. It’s precisely when you confront these fears that you feel the greatest sense of strength and accomplishment.

Some limits are more difficult than others and require some imagination and time to explore possibilities. For example, I live with a chronic illness that causes me pain every day. There was a moment when any chore I did was too painful to accomplish. Technically, that hasn’t changed, but I found that if I have a stool nearby to sit, it lets me do my chores longer before I get to the point where I have to stop.

Every action is an experiment, not all actions will work, but don’t let it send you back to your comfort zones. Try something different until you find your own way to push back your limits.


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