Age Difference In Couples

Age Difference In Couples

I was listening to the radio on my way home yesterday. What was being said about Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron and felt quite annoyed that the most discussed topic wasn’t politics, but their age difference? As if their personal relationship was more important than Emmanuel Macron’s electorate promises.

japan-1083155_1920Even after passing a comment that they have the same age difference between them as Donald and Melania Trump, they were still uncomfortable with the idea of an older woman marrying a younger man. They seem to see a woman dating a younger woman as more predatory than a man doing the exact same thing. Apparently, what we easily accept for men, we refuse for women. Afterall, we don’t call men cougars. This man is an adult. He has the right to love the one he has chosen. We should be wishing them long life, but old mentalities have deep roots, sadly deep…

Why are journalists and population alike passing harsh comments about Brigitte and are completely silent when it comes to Trump? Why is one acceptable and the other isn’t? It simply doesn’t sound logical to me.

It’s an obviously sexist reflex that makes us less shock of seeing an older man with a younger woman.

Sometimes it’s healthy to take a step backwards and reevaluate how we see and judge the world.

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