Research Findings

Research Findings – Let’s Fix the Issue Instead of Continuing to Contribute

Research shows men get ahead from being disagreeable in the workplace and women don’t. This result doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us who are already aware of the double standards present in our place of work.

“If you’re a disagreeable man, you’re considered a tough negotiator,” Timothy Judge says. “But, the perception is that if a woman is agreeable, she gets taken advantage of, and if she is disagreeable, she’s considered a control freak or ‘the B-word.’

The reality is that the researcher should not be explaining how women should change their behaviour in light of this research. Instead, he needs to be explaining to me that they need to change their attitude to women in light of this research. Too often are women asked to modify their behaviour, instead of looking at the root of the problem and asking men to change their outlook and behaviour.

We have research like this in bucket loads. We don’t need more evidence of sexism. We have enough.What we need is for that sexism in the workplace to be addressed and removed. We don’t have nearly enough of that.


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