Introverts can be odd creatures, but they make incredible friends

Introverts can be odd creatures, but they make incredible friends

In my opinion and my experience, Introverts make the best friends you’ll ever have. Not that I’m bias or anything! Let me explain why…

autumn-1874031_1920Introverts keep a small circle of friends, preferring quality over quantity when it comes to friendship. I can count on one hand who I consider as a friend. Seriously, popularity is overrated. Too often when you are surrounded by numerous friends, these same people disappear when you truly need them. Introverts focus on the few friends they truly care about, so if you are one of these, know that they value you.

As a logical result, Introverts are unconditionally supportive and fiercely loyal. They will be there when you truly need a friend when life isn’t easy.

Introverts know how to listen. They are comfortable being in the background. They don’t need or want to be in the spotlight. Introverts prefer to let other people talk because they take longer to formulate their thoughts and they are genuinely interested in getting to know the real you. They pay attention and listen carefully.

Introverts know how to keep secrets and will never gossip about things you told them in confidence.

Introverts hate small talk and try to avoid it at all costs. They prefer to talk about subjects that matter. They will listen, but also ask probing questions to get to know the real you. If they give you advice, it’s been thoughtfully considered from every angle.

Lastly, Introverts find joy in simple pleasures, like having a cup of tea or coffee with a good friend.


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