Listen, Don’t Try Fix Me

Listen, Don’t Try Fix Me

If I open up to you and take the time to explain that I am struggling with multiple illnesses and that some of them are incurable, don’t start suggesting that I take essential oils or how removing gluten from my diet will cure me. I already have multiple experts looking after my health who actually studied medicine.

I know you mean well by offering your suggestions, but nothing you can offer will cure me.  It is the same as offering me a standard plaster thinking it will solve all my problems. It won’t fix me and you are showing me that you either didn’t listen or that you are choosing to completely ignore the reality of my situation.

sisters-1328070_1920If I’ve shared information on my health and how it’s impacting me. I’m reaching out, I’m asking for support. I am not asking for a medical opinion, I have enough specialist looking after me already. I’m trying to share with you what my life is like right now.

The best way to offer your support isn’t to come up with a miracle cure that won’t work. It means listening and asking questions to clarify any misunderstandings and then listening some more. A simple, “I’m sorry you’re going through this” or “I’m here when you need to talk” will help much more than any grandmother’s cure.


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