Music & Memories

Do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it?

It happens to me all the time.

music-1874621_1920The song Walk Like An Egyptian by the Bangles reminds me of my first dance party in elementary school. My friends and I knew all the steps and would start choreographed dancing like we often see in the movies.

The song Surfin’ U.S.A. by the Beach Boys reminds me of Girl Guides when I put on a bright green bikini and sang this song with my friends in front of the altar inside a Catholic church. I kid you not. It was for a talent show and each team had to choose a Beach Boy song to interpret. Our team chose Surfin’ U.S.A. because I Get Around was taken. Anyone remember the movie “The Navigator“?

The song Warrior by Demi Lovato reminds me of what I went through in high school and how difficult it was to survive and move forward.

The song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor will always remind me of Supernatural when Dean started signing. It was such a fun video and it always brings a smile on my face.

What songs bring up memories of time past for you? 


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