You’re too smart

Have you ever been told that you were too smart? Or made to feel bad because you had too much knowledge about some subjects? Or made to feel bad because you are proud of your higher education diploma?

business-woman-2123230_1920I know, I’ve been told a few time over my lifetime that I shouldn’t show my smarts, that I should go tell people about my academic achievements so that I don’t make them feel bad. I’ve also been told that I would never marry if I didn’t dumb myself down. I was even asked by a past boyfriend to turn down my¬†university acceptance because it would make him look bad. I remember being on a double date at a pool hall and being warned to let him win because men don’t like to lose to women.

Luckily I’m stubborn and I refuse to lessen myself for another. You either appreciate the entire package and vice-versa or we aren’t meant to be together.

What saddens me the most, is that I know some women don’t let their brains and talent shine because they’re afraid it will make other people, particularly a man they are attracted to, feel inferior and they will be rejected.

We all deserve people who want us to do what makes us happy.

What makes you proud?


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