It can happen to you


It can happen to you

Most people prefer to think that bad things will never happen to them or their loved ones. They want to feel safe, so they make up lies to comfort themselves. This is only too natural.

“Our daughters are strong and intelligent, they will not be victims of gendered violence.”

I was and still am strong. I was and still am intelligent. It still happened. Every time you repeat this I feel that you are telling me it was my fault. That I am somehow weak or stupid. I was attacked inside a school bus by 15 boys. Are you telling me I am weak for being 1 against 15? Are you telling me I’m stupid for thinking it was okay for me to take the school bus to school?

The truth is that it can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. The even more frightening truth is that it’s happening more and more often.

Part of the problem is that people are satisfied with not thinking things through properly. The problem is that too many people feel comfortable hiding their heads in the sand and ignoring the problems around them.

It easy to review an event in hindsight and say this is what you should have done.  It’s not so easy to be in the past and what will happen in the future. I can sit here today and tell myself I should never have taken the bus to school, but what student thinks they shouldn’t take the school bus because it’s unsafe?

fear-1131143_1280Every day we are faced with the clear evidence that life is not always fair.No matter what we want to believe, the world is not a just place.

We have to stop putting the blame on the victim thinking we would have been smarter or wise if it was us and we wouldn’t get hurt. It can happen to anyone. I could still happen to you or to your loved ones.

Let’s get mad at criminals. Let’s demand real sentences. Let’s start pointing the finger at the right place. Are you with me?


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