Top 10 Blogs (May 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from May 2017:

1st Place: Introverts & Birthday Wishes

air-2456_1920“Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know, unfortunately, we don’t always get this wish.”

2nd PlaceFlexible Hours – Dream or Nightmare?

“One thing that I enjoy at my workplace is the lunchtime discussion. During one of these talk sessions, we began to discuss flexible hours and it turns out it isn’t as clear cut as we originally thought.”

3rd Place: Facebook Live Violence – Are we asking the right questions?

“Facebook promised action regarding the violence Facebook Live videos, but are we asking the right question when addressing the problem?”

4th Place: Graves Disease – No one warned me

“Maybe someone in a position of authority over doctors should teach them that bedside manners matter. It has been proven that doctors who show compassion actually help you heal faster.”

5th Place: My Body, My Choice

“We are in the 21st century.  The freedom to dress as one wishes without receiving criticism from unknown people should be ingrained into society. It sounds so basic: my body, my choice. What is so difficult to understand?” 

6th Place: Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

“The celebrant we had chosen, spoken to, and began our planning with, quit the wedding industry 5 weeks prior to the big day without prior warning effective immediately.”

7th Place: Paralysing Anxiety – Thyroid Related?

“I suffered from paralysing anxiety, or in other words, hyper-vigilance. I was in a state of alert 24 hours a day, every day. Every little detail was blown out of proportion. I was constantly analysing, interpreting, evaluating risks. My mind never stopped, not even at night. My mind believed I and/or the people I live with were in constant danger.”

8th Place: Laughter Helps

“I have read many articles that say when hard times hit to make sure you find time to laugh. It’s a really nice sentiment, but it isn’t easy to do, especially when you are struggling with mental or physical illness. No matter how people tell you to laugh about it instead of crying, it’s not always doable. The heaviness creeps in and takes such a strong hold that it can sometimes feel like you are actually being suffocated.”

9th Place: Is Stress one of your Triggers?

“Everyone on planet Earth feels stress. In small doses, it’s harmless and can even be good for us. For someone living with a chronic illness, stress is often one of many triggers. By this I mean, one of many daily elements that cause the symptoms of the illness to become worst. Learning to recognise stress is the first step in gaining some control.”

10th Place: Graves Disease – How much to share?

“I am really struggling with how much to share and what to say to people. It’s not that I want to keep any secrets per say, but I don’t want to pass my days explaining to people how I feel or what my doctor said at the last appointment. I am also very much aware of the two example above, that I am at work and I also worry that oversharing might make me lose that said job, so I try to keep the small lines to myself.”


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