Let’s talk about adoption

Let’s talk about adoption. A couple of friends adopted a young child after many years of trying to have children of their own and were unable to.

adoption-177427_1920I was so happy for them, which is why I was taken by surprise when they confided that they are getting a lot of hate from people they know and strangers alike asking “Why not adopt in their own country?!”

What most acquaintance and stranger didn’t know, is that they did try to adopt in their own country and opted for going outside of the country when faced the reality of our adoption system. Unfortunately, our adoption system is still archaic and needs a revamping in order to truly help the children they are trying to protect.

Regardless of their path that led them to this particular child, why does it matter where they adopts? They adopted a little human beings. How can that be a bad thing? Shouldn’t you be happy for them and that child?

When I first heard about this persistent complaint, I had 3 initial reaction in a very short time: 1. It’s a racist remarks. 2. They should practice what they preach. 3. Why can’t people simply be happy for others?

1. The question “why can’t you adopt from your own country?” seems to stem for internalise racism. They do not see everyone on the surface of this planet as equal. They still sees the world as “us first, them second.” Please when talking to proud new parents, you really should simply shut up if you have nothing good to say. Don’t rain on someone’s else’s happiness.  They are adults and can adopt children wherever they please. They don’t have to ask for your permission first.

children-1869265_19202. If These so called hypocrites were so bothered about where these friends adopted from, saying it should be from our own country, then they should do something good too and listen to their own words of wisdom. Why not go and adopt from your own country? Bullies, as usual, are always telling others what to do, but have no plans to be helping the children they are crying about.

3. I guess some people are truly unhappy that they will always want to bring others down too. They can’t see any further than their own happiness or lack there off and cannot simply feel joy for the happiness of others. Imagine if all the negative people transformed that negativity into love. The world would already be a much better place.

These new parents are doing a incredibly good job. Raising children is not easy. The road they had to walk to become parents wasn’t easy. That child is very very lucky and very loved.

If everyone helped out the causes they felt passionate about, if each one of us did something, perhaps this world will be a better place. We all can do it in the methods that suits us.


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