Hooray for social media!

I am so grateful for this blog that has permitted me to write and learn about my illness and many other subjects in my life. I am so grateful for social media sites that allow people from everywhere around the world to connect and say “me too!” when discussing the struggles of living with chronic illness. Hooray for social media! I’d be truly lonely without it and much more confused about what is happening to my body as doctors aren’t always chatty when it comes to informing you about symptoms and how it will affect your personal and work life.

woman-2197947_1920Some people do push back as if we shouldn’t talk about our aches and pains. It seems that some believe that people who are ill or disabled should keep the details to themselves and keep quiet about their struggles. As if it was some dirty little secret.

Yet, these same people will complain to no ends about catching a regular cold. I’m not saying that their pain is less valid than ours. I’m just saying that you can’t expect us to keep quiet and then listen to you with empathy.

A true friend also understands that even if we are smiling or out and about, it doesn’t mean that behind the mask isn’t a bucket load of pain we are pushing down and hiding so we can enjoy that moment. These moments when we are strong enough to fake wellness are important.

I really don’t care what people think anymore. Life is too short. This is my life and I have to deal with my illness my own way. I never asked for this, but here it is, so I can let it kill me or I can go and enjoy my life the best way I can. The people who understand this, they are the real friends. 

When I speak about my illness, I’m not seeking sympathy. I am spreading information so that healthy individuals will gain understanding and for individuals who struggle with a chronic illness will feel less alone. When I post, it’s because it is helpful knowing other people are (or have been) in the same boat. I am also hoping that medical personnel read these blogs written by patients and learn about the human experience that they go through.


I love hearing from you!

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